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Creating team names

How to create team names before your game

Click on the Game Link in your confirmation email

Proceed through watching the Instructional Video

On the next page, click 'Create a Team'

Enter the first team name and click 'Add Team' - see image below

Once added, this will bring you back to the team name list. To create another team, follow on from step 4 above. As you continue to add teams, you will see them appear on the list:

You cannot edit a team name once created so take care when typing

When you want to play the game, players will see the team list and can choose what team they want to join.

Tip: We reccomend numbering the teams when creating them in the game (eg Team 1, Team 2 etc and then the players can join the team that corresponds to their breakout room number)

It is important to note that although you are creating the list of team names, you are not assigning any individuals to the teams. You can let each player know what team they should select when they start playing.

Updated on: 01/09/2022

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