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How do I make a booking using my credits?

How to make a booking using credits

To make a booking using credits, just follow these steps:

Go to Team Activities
Choose the activity you wish to do
Enter the date and number of players/ teams
Enter your booking code into the 'Booking code' Field.
By entering your code, this should remove the charge and you should now be able to complete your booking without entering payment details.

Where can I find my booking code?

If you are the main account holder, you can find your booking code on the top right hand side of your dashboard.

If you are not the main account holder then you will need to contact your account administrator to provide you with the booking code.

If you enter your booking code and it doesn't take the charge off the booking, please contact our support team on

You can make a booking using your companies credits, all you need is the booking code and this can be used on any activity. You dont need to create your own profile / dashboard.

Warning: Anyone who has your booking code can make a booking on your account and use your credits. You should only give out your booking code to authorised users and colleagues. If you suspect someone is using your booking code without your consent, please contact us immediately.

Updated on: 01/09/2022

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