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Can I switch devices in the middle of a game?

If you need to change devices you can resume the game on another device by following these instructions:

Indoor game

Open up the new device you wish to use and click on the game link again.
Proceed through the onboarding video and choose to join the team you were with previously.
Enter your name in again and click next, this should bring you up to where the rest of your team members are.

Outdoor game

Download the app onto the new device.
Open the app and use the same login username and password from your confirmation email.
Proceed through the instructions until the app asks you for a team name. STOP HERE!
Instead of inputting a team name select Resume with existing team which you will find towards the bottom of your screen.
You then select your existing team from a dropdown list
Once your existing team is selected, the new device will be able to continue from the last saved position.

Updated on: 07/09/2022

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