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Can I change my booking from an outdoor game to an indoor game?

The short answer here is unfortuntely, no.

The outdoor games are designed on an app specifically for outdoor use as it requires GPS to work and to activate the tasks.
With the outdoor games, it is one device per team of up to 4 people.

Our indoor games are designed on a platform specifically for indoor use and we have included device synchronisation to maximise interaction with the players.
With indoor games, everyone is using their own device and they can all see the same thing and one person submits an answer on behalf of the team.

Currently we have one game The Big Escape that we have developed on both platforms so that you can book an outdoor or indoor version.

All activities should clearly say whether they are playable outdoors or indoors but if you're in any doubt, reach out to our team on who can assist.

Updated on: 01/09/2022

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