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Can I book a host for my outdoor game?

Yes, absolutely.

We offer the option of a remote host with all our games and activities. We would set up a conference call (Zoom or MS Teams) and on the day of your event, the teams can join. The host will welcome the group and introduce the activity and then kick off your event with any other instructions needed. They will also be online at the end of the activity to welcome the guests back and announce the scores.

The rate for this starts from €350 plus VAT at 23% (£325 plus VAT at 20% in the UK) and can be booked directly via the website or by emailing us on with your request.

If you would rather use your own platform instead of Zoom or MS Teams, that is no problem. In this instance, we would ask you to setup and assist managing the call for our host.

Updated on: 01/09/2022

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